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why is science important essay

Essay on science-Now we see so much development in the world. In this Essay on Science will discuss How Science has got many changes...

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what is the importance of education?

Why is education important? Here are the top 10 reasons why it should be made a number one priority across the globe, and why students...

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What are the main issues in education system?

The economic growth of the country not only depends on natural resources, technology and capital but mainly on the quantity and quality...

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What do you do at a farewell party at school?

Meeting and separation are two ways of life. We meet strangers in the crossroads of life who eventually become our friends. School...

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What makes a good psychology student?

Students are attracted to psychology as it aids them to acquire professional skills to understand the complex nature of human behaviour.

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How do you promote scientific thinking in the classroom?

Check out how you can guide young students through the seven essential steps to scientific thinking, from observing to evaluating.

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10 ways to enhance the performance during the exam

Exam Time can be one of the most traumatic experiences in our life and can leave a scar on our consciousness. Remember that nightmare...

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What are positive and negative effects of social media?

Social media have both positive and negative effects when it comes to education here know the positive and negative effect of social...

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What are the benefits of hands on learning?

Hands-on learning has many benefits. It’s a more engaging way to learn, can lead to increased retention, and can grow your child’s...

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How do students become independent learners?

Independent learning helps students to be confident and successful in life. we, have explained some ways that will help students to...

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What is the most important factor in student achievement?

By Jennifer Cleary, co-author of Classroom Techniques for Creating Conditions for Rigorous Instruction. This is the full version of...

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How will education change in the future?

With technology takeover and globalisation, the education system is changing very fast. The future will be a time of edu-tech, digital...

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